A Parable of the Settlers

Many years ago, a shipload of travelers landed in North America, having sailed from Europe.  In the first year after their arrival, they established a town. In the following year, they instituted a town government. After the third year, the town government planned to build road penetrating five miles into the western wilderness.  During the fourth year, the settlers tried to impeach their town government.  The people thought that it was a waste of good money to build that road.  Why would anyone need to go there, they said?

These pioneers had had the vision to sail across a wide ocean in order to arrive at a virtually unknown and uncharted destination.  They had overcome great hardships to settle there.  In contrast, after four years, they were not able to envision possibilities five miles out of town.  They were no longer pioneers, just settlers.  How many of us, having initially given much effort for the gospel, settle down into the comforts of only social fellowship and forget about the spiritual wilderness out in the world and in us?


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